Years of experience leading the industry.

Caldwell Environmental comes from a rich family heritage of solving complex material disposal challenges. The Caldwell’s family name represents more than just reliability. It’s the assurance that the Caldwell family stakes its reputation on every project we take on, no matter how big or small. By working with Caldwell Environmental you become one of the family.

Environmentally focused, down to the roots

The Caldwell family not only focuses on material disposal but also runs a small family farm. Through farming, the Caldwells have a deep understanding and appreciation for what it means to be truly focused on environmental solutions.

Servicing the Midwest

Caldwell Environmental services Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan, and Tennessee.

Driving Waste into Compost

Pioneering ways to better handle organic waste, Caldwell’s Inc was created as a separate division to create compost out of biodegradable materials.

Finding A Solution is Just One Click Away

No matter how complex the issue or stringent the requirements, our team of industry experts can create tailor-made solutions to your exact needs.